Business contracts for the digital age

Ironclad is one of the nation’s top enterprise solutions for managing contracts. Clients use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence.



I was brought on board to work closely as an integrated partner of the Ironclad team. I was tasked with understanding the customer and company needs, ideation on workflows, and design solutions. 


The Brief

The goals of this engagement were twofold: create a robust system of permissioned user roles, and enable the ability to use multiple form templates to empower users. These two concepts freed customers up to customize their systems to their business needs, as well as to vastly simplify their workflows.


The Process

For roles, the concept of a role as a variable was created, with different parameters enabling the ability to assign a user dynamically. For multi-template workflows, customers were provided with multiple templates per contract instead of a single extremely large document. This reduced thrash with updating contracts and increased granularity for ownership of documents.


From Idea to Solution

Overall, customers were provided with the ability to create variable roles that could be dynamically assigned through logical processes, as well as the ability to create multiple form templates for documents that could then be used to target specific forms per user type. Customer manual tasks were greatly reduced, and the flexibility of their custom setup was made far more robust.


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