Cory Hess
Product DesignSan Francisco, CA
Live SF weather/time. I made this!
I’ve created digital experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Sony, Apple, Zenefits, Quiksilver, Qualcomm, and Blackberry. I have over 14 years of experience in product design (UI/UX) and have worked in the field professionally for 11 years. I previously worked at Zenefits, where I was a Senior UX Designer. From massive initiatives to the most intricate of details, I love solving the puzzles that complex projects present.

I learn by doing.

When I was 17 I wanted to learn how businesses work, so I started a clothing company. For six years I ran the business, hired staff, and organized a 30 stop music tour.

I care about the users.

I enjoy talking with users and strive to understand how I can improve their experiences. I’m constantly researching trends in technology and finding ways to implement them into projects.

I’m not a robot.

I'm an avid traveler who loves the water and the snow. I can also be found playing and listening to music, shooting video, and writing.


Senior User Experience Designer

I helped build the team out to 10 designers, a copy writing team, and a QA department. I led design on the API platform, benefits, time and attendance, and the style guide among many other projects.

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3D Hubs

Lead UX Designer, Front-end Development

I created the design and front end engineering departments. I was the Lead UX Designer, as well as the first front-end developer.

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Interaction Designer (UX)

I was responsible for unifying player interactions across a range of Sony gaming systems. This included the Playstation 4 worldwide launch, the Vita handheld system, and interactive TV.

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UX Designer, Mobile Apps, UX Research

I helped establish and build the UX and user research teams. I led the complete redesign of Mindbody’s client facing site, the iPhone and Android apps, consumer shopping cart, and Facebook app.

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UX Designer, Motion Design

I created commercials, product sites, promotional material, and wallpaper in order to introduce the public to exciting new devices and the experiences they create.

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UX Designer

Quiksilver was looking for a fresh update to their website and subdomains that would match their recently updated branding. I was one of two designers tasked with the redesign of the entire Quiksilver website.

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Berry & Bee

Co-Founder, CEO, Art Director

Berry & Bee is a new type of wine club. Founded with a few close friends, we provide customers with delicious, hand-picked wine delivered right to their door every month.

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Blue Nile

UX Designer, Mobile App

I led the redesign of the mobile shopping experience as well as the entire shopping cart workflow. I also created a physical process for photographing and displaying a feed of recently purchased engagement rings on the site. I helped implement user research into the design workflow.

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Quiksilver SiteLA

UX Designer

As the lead designer for the SiteLA project, I was tasked with creating a virtual representation of a cast of artists' experiences and helping to showcase their personal projects.

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UX Designer, UX Research

HP tasked me with creating a “home portal” webpage that would serve as a user’s personal homepage. I was tasked with designing the concepts for several personal homepages that could be customized to individual users' needs.

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UX Designer

While on the Apple design team at LEVEL Studios, I worked on various site changes and product releases. I worked on various promotional sites for brand new Apple product launches.

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Owner, UX/Product Designer

When I was 17 I founded Random Clothing Line. For six years I ran the business, hired staff, sponsored bands/riders, and did catalog photoshoots. I also organized a promotional music tour with 30 stops.

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Past Clients

Black & Decker



Design Team Management
Interface Design
Mobile Design
Info. Architecture
Project Management
Usability Testing